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Apple’s next big idea could be a cheap Apple Watch ‘clone’

Apple’s next big idea could be a cheap Apple Watch ‘clone’
Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The Apple Watch SE 3 could potentially retire the aluminum casing in favor of a cheaper plastic one.
This possible material shift could make the company’s budget smartwatch even more affordable.
By doing so, Apple may win over undecided budget-conscious consumers who otherwise would pick the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Watch FE.

A few years ago, Apple started catering to budget-conscious customers by releasing the plastic iPhone 5c. The product flopped spectacularly, pushing Apple to rethink its strategy. That’s when it began putting out SE-branded phones and smartwatches, which offer dated technology rather than poor builds. Despite that failure, the iPhone maker could revisit plastic products, as it has reportedly considered adopting the material for the upcoming Apple Watch SE 3.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is looking into ways to drop the cost of its SE smartwatch, which is currently pricier than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE. To do so, the company could retire the Apple Watch SE 3’s aluminum shell in favor of rigid plastic.

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