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Motorola has not forgotten its old foldables, as Android 14 arrives for Razr (2023) series

Motorola has not forgotten its old foldables, as Android 14 arrives for Razr (2023) series

Both the standard Motorola Razr (2023) and Plus model have begun getting their Android 14 updates.
So far, access appears limited to smaller carriers, but expect that to expand soon.

Motorola just introduced its 2024 Razr and Razr Plus at the tail end of last month, and we’ve understandably been very excited to get our hands on the new hardware and check out all the improvements for this latest gen. While some of you look forward to your opportunity to get your own pre-order in when Motorola opens them on July 10, what about all the existing Razr owners out there? Motorola has a special treat coming your way as the company finally gets around to releasing Android 14 updates for the 2023 Razr and Razr Plus.

Multiple reports of Razr (2023) users receiving their Android 14 updates have surfaced over the past few days, as spotted by 9to5Google. While it sounds like the majority of users are still waiting for their own updates to drop, at least a couple of the successful reports identify Cricket as the carrier the phone’s operating on; we’ll presumably see others follow suit shortly. There’s no word yet on an update for unlocked handsets, though it should similarly be just a matter of time.

Credit: Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority

Motorola had not previously communicated a specific timetable for its Razr (2023) Android 14 release, but given the company’s commitment to supporting the foldable with three years of OS updates, Android 14 was definitely going to land sooner or later.

While a release right now leaves Moto far from the head of the pack when it comes to timely support for its older devices, it’s also not the worst in the industry. Granted, this is one of the more affordable folding options around, but it’s still a phone that commands flagship money and a little more transparency for users who have been waiting for their updates since last year might have been nice — especially with the non-Plus model not even getting to the US until after Android 14 debuted.

The manufacturer has shared a basic changelog for the global Razr 40 Ultra Android 14 release, but there’s nothing really Razr-specific here. The note appears to mirror earlier Moto Android 14 releases as we’ve seen for the Lenovo ThinkPhone.

Keep an eye out for that Android 14 update notification hitting your Razr (2023) soon!

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