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Phew. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 might not have a downgraded cover screen afterall (Updated)

Phew. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 might not have a downgraded cover screen afterall (Updated)
Credit: WinFuture

A recent leak revealed the official promo material for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
The specs mentioned in the leaked images mentioned that the Z Flip 6 has an IPS LCD cover screen.

Update: July 5, 2024 (12 PM ET): As per SamMobile, sources have confirmed that the reference to the Z Flip 6’s outer display being an LCD was a typing error. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the Z Flip 6 will feature an AMOLED panel for its external display.

Original article: July 5, 2024 (03:30 AM ET): The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 finally gained a large cover screen last year, giving users more flexibility when using the phone while closed. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to retain a similarly large cover display, but it turns out we might see a key downgrade.

Leaker Evan Blass recently posted a host of Galaxy Z Flip 6 promotional materials, including a spec sheet, and SamMobile noticed that the cover screen is listed as an IPS panel.

An IPS LCD screen would be a downgrade over the Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover display, which uses Super AMOLED technology.

OLED screens are more power-efficient when showing black colors, as the pixels are turned off to display blacks. We’re guessing this could result in increased power consumption on the Z Flip 6 when using an always-on display. The ability to turn off individual pixels when displaying black hues also results in darker blacks compared to IPS LCD screens.

LCD panels aren’t prone to screen burn-in compared to OLED screens, though. So, we can understand this decision from a durability point of view, although OLED screen burn-in isn’t as big of a problem as it used to be. Furthermore, LCD screens are cheaper than OLED panels. This suggests that Samsung may have also made this decision to maintain or reduce component costs.

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