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WWDC24 Developer Tools guide

WWDC24 Developer Tools guide

Developer Tools

Explore a wave of updates to developer tools that make building apps and games easier and more efficient than ever.

Watch the latest video sessions to explore a redesigned code completion experience in Xcode 16, and say hello to Swift Assist — a companion for all your coding tasks. Level up your code with the help of Swift Testing, the new, easy-to-learn framework that leverages Swift features to help enhance your testing experience. Dive deep into debugging, updates to Xcode Cloud, and more.

Get the highlights

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Explore the latest video sessions

Meet Swift Testing

Watch now

What’s new in Xcode 16

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Go further with Swift Testing

Watch now

Xcode essentials

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Run, Break, Inspect: Explore effective debugging in LLDB

Watch now

Break into the RealityKit debugger

Watch now

Demystify explicitly built modules

Watch now

Extend your Xcode Cloud workflows

Watch now

Analyze heap memory

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Find answers and get advice

Find support from Apple experts and the developer community on the Apple Developer Forums.

Explore developer tools on the forums


Meet the community

Explore a selection of activities hosted by developer organizations during and after WWDC.

Meet the community


Dive into documentation

Expand your tool belt with new and updated articles and documentation.

Explore updates in Xcode 16
Discover Swift Testing
Migrate a test from XCTest
Define test functions
Organize test functions with suite types
Implement parameterized tests
Enable and disable tests
Limit the running time of tests
Add tags to tests
Add comments to tests
Associate bugs with tests
Interpret bug identifiers

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