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WWDC24 watchOS guide

WWDC24 watchOS guide


Your guide to all the new features and tools for building apps for Apple Watch.

Learn how to take advantage of the increased intelligence and capabilities of the Smart Stack. Explore new video sessions about relevancy cues, interactivity, Live Activities, and double tap.

Get the highlights

Download the watchOS one-sheet.



Explore the latest video sessions

What’s new in watchOS 11

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Bring your Live Activity to Apple Watch

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What’s new in SwiftUI

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SwiftUI essentials

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Design Live Activities for Apple Watch

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Catch up on accessibility in SwiftUI

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Build custom swimming workouts with WorkoutKit

Watch now

Demystify SwiftUI containers

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Find answers and get advice

Connect with Apple experts and other developers on the Apple Developer Forums.

View discussions about watchOS


Meet the community

Explore a selection of activities hosted by developer organizations during and after WWDC.

Meet the community


Dive into documentation

Discover double tap.
Learn how to use the latest technologies to build apps for Apple Watch.
Get updated guidance on design for Apple Watch.
Visit the Apple Watch site.

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