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CMF by Nothing’s new smartwatch will let you change bezels on the fly

CMF by Nothing’s new smartwatch will let you change bezels on the fly

Like the CMF Phone 1, CMF by Nothing’s upcoming smartwatch will feature a unique customization solution.
The brand has confirmed that the CMF Watch Pro 2 will support interchangeable bezels.

At a time when most OEMs limit customizations to software, Nothing’s sub-brand CMF feels like a breath of fresh air. We recently learned that its upcoming budget smartphone will feature a unique customization solution with support for various back panels and accessories. The brand has now revealed that it will offer something similar on its second-gen smartwatch — the CMF Watch Pro 2.

As part of its ongoing teaser campaign, CMF by Nothing has confirmed that the Watch Pro 2 will feature an interchangeable bezel system. The brand also shared an image that gives us a glimpse of the feature but does not reveal any details about the underlying mechanism.

While the CMF Phone 1 features exposed screws and a dial in the bottom right corner that will allow users to switch rear panels and add accessories, official images of the Watch Pro 2 shared so far show a smooth, rounded case with no exposed anchor points.

A recently leaked image of the watch (via The Nothing & CMF Fan Hub on X, formerly Twitter) shows a black bezel attached, which gives the watch a more boxy look. However, the image does not reveal an external mounting solution. Therefore, we suspect the watch could rely on magnets to keep the interchangeable bezels in place.

We should receive confirmation in a few days, as CMF by Nothing will launch the Watch Pro 2 on July 8. The upcoming event will also reveal the CMF Phone 1 and Buds Pro 2.

What do you think of CMF by Nothing’s design approach? Would you like to see interchangeable bezels on more smartwatches? Let us know in the comments below.

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