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Cyrill Cecile for Google Pixel 8a review: Should you buy it?

Cyrill Cecile for Google Pixel 8a review: Should you buy it?

Should you buy the Cyrill Cecile for Google Pixel 8a?

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

When it comes to more stylish or feminine cases for the Google Pixel 8a, your options are pretty bleak. Either you’re going to pay a fortune for a designer case or get a cheaply printed clear TPU case from a no-name brand. Thankfully, the Cyrill Cecile is here to break the mold.

Cyrill is a subbrand of Spigen, but it really separates itself when it comes to marketing. Case in point: inside the box, you’ll find not just the case but also a set of cute stickers and a nice, neutral strap. This invites you to customize the case in a way that the typically matte black Spigen case would never make sense to do.

There are a few extra details that I appreciated as well, like the holes for the included wrist strap and the interesting design of the bumpers. The branding around the camera bump is also a nice touch, since it still highlights the main design feature of the Pixel 8a while still making it more pocketable.

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

As for the build materials, it’s a rigid clear TPU case with a hard polycarbonate backing. The thicker bumpers in the corners provide extra drop protection, but they never felt or looked too bulky in hand. The buttons are nice and clicky, and overall, the case feels very well made.

While the case does not have grip strips, I found that the TPU material on the sides added just enough grip. The PC back has no grip at all, but if you’re truly worried about dropping your phone, you can always attach the included wrist strap.

But the main draw here is aesthetics. The Cecile comes in a variety of great patterns, including various florals and a matte, frosted version. Even the sober look of the frosted version can be spruced up with the included stickers, which stick very well to the PC backing. You can also bring your own stickers to make your case entirely unique.

The Cecile costs between $18 and $23 depending on the pattern you pick, which puts it between basic no-brand printed TPU cases and premium custom cases in pricing. There aren’t many similar cases in this price range that look and feel this good, making it well worth the extra expense.

What are the best Cyrill Cecile for Google Pixel 8a alternatives?

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

If you’re looking for more interesting case options for the Pixel 8a, check out some of my favorite Cyrill Cecile alternatives:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid (
The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is the clear case we recommend the most for most phones. It doesn’t come with the same interesting patterns printed on the back, but the build quality and low price make it a great pick for just about anyone.
Cyrill Ultracolor (
Cyrill’s other case for the Pixel 8a, the Ultracolor, is a more minimal case that comes in a few great color options. There are two printed versions, but they’re both camo, and they’re a little expensive for what you get.

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