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Q&A: Promoting your app or game with Apple Search Ads

Q&A: Promoting your app or game with Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads helps you drive discovery of your app or game on the App Store. We caught up with the Apple Search Ads team to learn more about successfully using the service, including signing up for the free online Apple Search Ads Certification course.

How might my app or game benefit from promotion on the App Store?

With Apple Search Ads, developers are seeing an increase in downloads, retention, return on ad spend, and more. Find out how the developers behind The Chefz, Tiket, and Petit BamBou have put the service into practice.

Where will my ad appear?

You can reach people in the following places:

The Today tab, where people start their App Store visit.
The Search tab, before people search for something specific.
Search results, at the top of the results list.
Product pages, in the “You Might Also Like” section.

How can I learn best practices for creating and managing campaigns?

Online Apple Search Ads Certification training teaches proven best practices for driving stronger campaign performance. Certification training is designed for all skill levels, from marketing pros to those just starting out. To become certified, complete all of the Certification lessons (each takes between 10 and 20 minutes), then test your skills with a free exam. Once you’re certified, you can share your certificate with your professional network on platforms like LinkedIn.

Sign up here with your Apple ID.

Will my certification expire?

Although your Apple Search Ads certification never expires, training is regularly updated. You can choose to be notified about these updates through email or web push notifications.

Can I highlight specific content or features in my ads?

You can use the custom product pages you create in App Store Connect to tailor your ads for a specific audience, feature launch, seasonal promotion, and more. For instance, you can create an ad for the Today tab that leads people to a specific custom product page or create ad variations for different search queries. Certification includes a lesson on how to do so.

Can I advertise my app before launch?

You can use Apple Search Ads to create ads for apps you’ve made available for pre-order. People can order your app before it’s released, and it’ll automatically download onto their devices on release day.

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