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WWDC24 Swift guide

WWDC24 Swift guide


Your guide to everything new in Swift, related tools, and supporting frameworks.

From expanded support across platforms and community resources, to an optional language mode with an emphasis on data-race safety, this year’s Swift updates meet you where you are. Explore this year’s video sessions to discover everything that’s new in Swift 6, find tools that support migrating to the new language mode at your own pace, learn about new frameworks that support developing with Swift, and much more.

Get the highlights

Download the Swift one-sheet.



Explore the latest video sessions

What’s new in Swift

Watch now

What’s new in SwiftData

Watch now

Migrate your app to Swift 6

Watch now

Go small with Embedded Swift

Watch now

A Swift Tour: Explore Swift’s features and design

Watch now

Create a custom data store with SwiftData

Watch now

Explore the Swift on Server ecosystem

Watch now

Explore Swift performance

Watch now

Consume noncopyable types in Swift

Watch now

Track model changes with SwiftData history

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Find answers and get advice

Find support from Apple experts and the developer community on the Apple Developer Forums, and check out the Swift Forums on

Explore Swift on the Apple Developer Forums

Dive into the Swift Forums


Meet the community

Explore a selection of activities hosted by developer organizations during and after WWDC.

Meet the community


Dive into Apple Developer documentation

Discover new and updated Swift documentation
Explore the Swift Standard Library

Discover Swift community resources

Learn how to migrate your code to Swift 6
Reference the Swift programming language guide
Read A Swift Tour: An overview of the features and syntax of Swift
Explore the new Swift-dedicated GitHub organization
Learn more about the Swift Package Manager (SwiftPM)

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